Bosman adama
MD at Bosman Adama

Petrus Bosman

“Daleen shows empathy and has a genuine passion for people, while at the same time showing unbelievable energy and efficiency. She has the ability to do a week’s work in one day.”

kbos logo
Founder of the Koue Bokkeveld Training Centre

Joy van Biljon

“Daleen is always the same: spontaneous, professional, honest and keen to help. She understands the realities of her clients and does her best to integrate legal requirements, fairness and sustainable systems into a sensible recommendation.”

Mouton citrus
Operational Manager at Mouton Citrus

CP Mouton

“Daleen is an outstanding individual that brings commitment and passion to the table. She is able to relate to and communicate with people on every level of the organisation. Her relevant experience and professionalism makes her consultation services a significant value-adding experience to all customers”

Riebeek Cellars
Chairman at Riebeek Cellars

Henk Bruwer

“It is easy to discover that Daleen not only has a vast knowledge of the human resource environment, but also the capacity to drive certain processes to their logical consequences. A practical attitude and gentle touch makes her one of the leaders in her field. An energetic and positive approach is probably one of her best assets. A true professional.”

Anthonij Rupert
MD at Anthonij Rupert Wyne and L'Ormarins

Gary Baumgarten

“Daleen acted as a facilitator in our team-building process in 2013 and 2014. With the work she has done for Anthonij Rupert Wyne and L’Ormarins Estate, we were able to take two teams and make them one single team. I think the most important effect of the course was how she drew people out of their comfort zone. Daleen has a very direct approach and helped people feel comfortable in very difficult situations during the facilitation process. She is a very trustworthy person and acts with integrity.”

Mouton citrus
Manager at Mouton Citrus

Kolie Paulse

"We had the privilege to attend quite a few programmes facilitated by Daleen. The way that she can work with farm workers and managers on all levels is astonishing, and she has enabled our farm workers to develop, grow and reach new heights. Without her help I would not have been able to be crowned farm worker of the year in 2013. Today I manage a farm unit of 50 ha and I still benefit from the training I attended. I respect the way that Daleen was always well prepared and a master in the field that she works."

MD at VinPro

Rico Basson

“It is an absolute pleasure to work with Daleen on VinPro projects. Her highly professional approach, combined with her significant experience, has ensured seamless delivery on a range of initiatives thus far. Daleen is an enthusiastic individual with a sound set of personal and business values. Her passion for people is commendable and ensures that she follows a collaborative approach to achieve the best possible results. I can strongly recommend Daleen Turner as project manager.”

Fresh produce exporters forum
CEO at the Fresh Produce Exporters' Forum

Anton Kruger

“Daleen’s bubbling and spontaneous personality, linked to her work ethic, professional approach and commitment, adds value throughout the planning and implementation of a project. She has the ability to lead and inspire others, sharing her passion for the project and/or programme that she is involved in – a real asset!”

SRCC logo
Pack House Manager at SRCC, Kirkwood

Russel Stead

“Daleen’s coaching programme has allowed me to develop as a manager and mentor. It has enabled me, as a young man, to develop as a person and start growing, reaching my full potential. The coaching programme is a must for all progressive South Africans. The country is going through an exciting growth and development phase and the development of young South Africans can only be improved by coaching. I look forward to working with Daleen in the future.”

RJF logo
RJF Boerdery

Robert Zulch and Sons

“It’s good to look back on a year in which our two sons, who attended a training and group coaching programme with Daleen, have grown. She was able to win their trust, and with her commitment, discipline and results-driven approach, she was able to integrate theory and practice. Daleen is successful in handling a family business’ sensitive issues in a constructive manner. She is passionate, enthusiastic, bubbling with energy and makes you rethink the way you view yourself. Daleen also has the ability to coach with practical methods and keep you interested all the way”

DSC attorneys
Senior Associate at DSC Attorneys

Claire Pearce

“I have instructed Ms Turner to provide me with medico-legal reports since early 2013. Ms Turner has a good rapport with the clients. Her medico-legal reports are thorough, include vital collateral information and are always completed timeously.”

Boshoff njokweni
Attorney at Boshoff Njokweni Attorneys

Jacques Naude

“I have had a close working relationship with Daleen since early 2014 and have been instructing her in RAF claims ever since. Daleen has a fantastic understanding of our clients and their needs. She maintains a high level of professionalism in both her consultations and report writing. I regard Daleen’s work as an integral part of my own. It is with confidence that I can say, without Daleen’s assistance we could not have achieved the high rate of success in our matters that we do.”

laubscher and hattingh
Attorney at Laubscher and Hattingh Attorneys

Chimoné Struwig

“I have had the pleasure in instructing Ms Turner to do medico-legal reports for the last year and I am very pleased to say that her reports are of an exceptional standard. She goes the extra mile with her reports in obtaining collateral information and delivers her reports timeously.”