Human Capital Consultation

Our vision

Consulting in the broad spectrum of Human Capital, Daleen and her network of specialists aim to help managers to achieve best practice in the field of human resources.

The concept of Human Capital recognises that the knowledge, skills and abilities of employees have an economic value for employers and for the economy as a whole.  Economist Theodore Schultz, who coined the term, believed Human Capital to be like any other type of capital, meaning that investing in your employees leads to an improvement in the quality and level of production.

Riebeek Cellars
Chairman at Riebeek Cellars

Henk Bruwer

“It is easy to discover that Daleen not only has a vast knowledge of the human resource environment, but also the capacity to drive certain processes to their logical consequences. A practical attitude and gentle touch makes her one of the leaders in her field. An energetic and positive approach is probably one of her best assets. A true professional.”

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Areas of expertise

General Human Capital Consultation

  • HR policy and procedures
  • Contracts of service
  • Farm housing contracts
  • Facilitation of farm housing strategies according to ESTA
  • Job descriptions
  • Job grading
  • Disciplinary hearings
  • Training needs analysis
  • Development of training programmes according to client's needs
  • Management and leadership training
  • Personal development training
  • SA labour law training

Strategic Human Capital Consultation

  • Talent management
  • Employee engagement
  • Change management
  • Performance management
  • Succession planning
  • Training and development
  • Coaching