About the company

Daleen Turner Consultancy was established in 2011 with a vision to make a difference to individuals and businesses. Daleen and her network of specialists aim to bring about positive change to the world of work. We are inspired by the sun which brings light where it is dark, warmth where it is cold, hope where it has been lost and the possibility of new growth each day.

Daleen Turner’s credentials

Daleen completed her Masters Degree in Industrial Psychology in 1999 and has been working as a Human Resource Specialist across a wide range of sectors for the past 20 years.

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The network of specialists

During Daleen’s career she has built a very strong network of individuals and companies that she can trust and that share her values. On large projects, where a multi-disciplinary team is required, Daleen draws on these specialists to complement her knowledge and skills.

Bosman adama
MD at Bosman Adama

Petrus Bosman

“Daleen shows empathy and has a genuine passion for people, while at the same time showing unbelievable energy and efficiency. She has the ability to do a week’s work in one day.”

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Areas of expertise

  •  Human Capital Consultation
  •  Training and Development
  •  Project Management
  •  Business and Entrepreneurial Coaching
  •  Medico-Legal Reports

Company values

  •  Excellence by setting high standards
  •  Synergy by networking with a range of specialists
  •  Meaningful work by adding value on a daily basis
  •  Ethical practice by approaching each opportunity with responsibility
  •  Sustainability by aiming for long-lasting results
  •  Adaptability by being flexible in meeting the client’s needs